Onyx DAO
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$ONYX Token

The main details and uses of the $ONYX Token

General Information

🎟️ Ticker
📜 Token Contract
⛓️ Chain
📊 Max Supply

How Do I Get $ONYX?

🐵 Buy $ONYX on ApeSwap
Go over to ApeSwap's Arbitrum dex to buy $ONYX
🌾 Earn $ONYX by farming ONYX-ETH LPs or $ONYX Single Staking Pool
Stake LP tokens in a farm to earn $ONYX daily
🧾 Buy Bonds for Discounted $ONYX
Swap out $ONYX-$WETH LP pairs to earn $ONYX at a discount on Apeswap​

What Can I Do With $ONYX?

With $ONYX being our primary platform token, you can utilize it in several ways: