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Frequently Asked Questions of Onyx DAO


General Links:

When did Onyx DAO Launch?

Onyx DAO launched on Arbitrum on 3/21.

What was the launch price?

Initial $ONYX Price: $0.50

Where can I buy $ONYX

Where is the chart for $ONYX?

You can view the $ONYX Chart here: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/onyx-dao/

What is the Max Supply of $ONYX?

1,570,000 $ONYX

What are ApeSwap Bonds?

ApeSwap bonds allow users to sell their $ONYX - $ETH liquidity to earn and vest $ONYX tokens at a discount. The liquidity is then locked and owned by Onyx DAO for Protocol Owned Liquidity and helps ensure $ONYX is stable for the long term. Bonds align user and protocol incentives by giving users a way to earn discounted tokens while increasing locked liquidity for $ONYX which reduces slippage and establishes a higher price floor.

What's Next for Onyx DAO?

We are currently in Phase 2 of Onyx DAO and we are focusing on releasing features which will earn revenue. The revenue will then be shared with $ONYX holders in perpetuity for Real Yield rewards. Our current list of features are Predictions, Perpetuals, and NFTs. See more details and features progress here: https://onyx-dao.gitbook.io/onyx-dao/the-road-ahead/roadmap-onyx-dao-phase-2

Will Onyx DAO list on Centralized Exchanges?

For the time being, Onyx DAO will not be listing on Centralized Exchanges (CEXs), but we do plan to in the future once we are established. In short, unless we are listing on a top 5 CEX (Binance, Crypto.com, or OKX) as listing with Tier 2-3 CEXs actually harms the protocol as CEXs charge a large listing fee upfront, then ongoing costs for market makers which takes money away from Onyx DAO.

I can't find the pool I was staked in?

If the pool you were staked in has ended, please check the "Inactive" tab. You can then withdraw both your earned tokens and $ONYX tokens.

Can I be a moderator?

We only take on moderators that are active in the community. We look for the following attributes:
  • supporting our international communities (twitter and discord)
  • Promoting in other groups via discord or telegram
  • answer community member questions
  • being active in our chats

How can I collab with you?

Send all partnership inquiries to the #collab-with-onyx channel or DM web3geo

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What makes ONYX DAO different?

Onyx DAO started as a DeFi protocol that goes against the grain by using experimental tokenomics. Our aim is to prioritize $ONYX holders and create Real Yield generating features that will share earnings with $ONYX holders in perpetuity. These features currently include Predictions, Perpetuals, and NFTs.
We also stand apart in terms of token utility as you can stake your $ONYX to earn bluechips and stablecoins in our Pools.

Does ONYX have governance?

Great question, since we are a DAO and putting our token holders first, $ONYX holders will have a say in major decisions of the DAO.
As you can see in our docs, 10% of the $ONYX supply will be locked for 75 days after launch, and the token holders will be able to decide how the funds are used.

Does Onyx DAO have an audit?

Onyx DAO has been fully audited through HashEx. All issues have been acknowledged and addressed, and you can view the full audit below: https://hashex.org/audits/onyx-dao/